About Artist

Minjoo Lee is a New York based artist whose main genre is experimental video and video installation. Lee's early videos mostly deal with her identity trapped in written language that ceaselessly controls our way of thinking and behavior. As a constant search for her identity, she represents the concept of 'time' and 'being' using video installations, especially projection. Although 'time' and 'being' is a universal concept, she conveys her own interpretation through unordinary metaphors including sundial and performative actions like 'playing dead.' By manipulating the real time using time-lapse technique and creating the illusionary space using editing programs, her works draw consciousness of 'time' and 'being,' which otherwise would be forgotten in a hectic life.

She studied photography and video at Hunter College BFA program. Her works have been shown in Athens Video Art Festival, 2011 and in many galleries in the United State. She is one of the finalists in FilmsOnArtist Juried show, 2011.